Control Wizard

EDIT: The below information is out of date. I suggest you give this Neverwinter handbook a try. The book covers information about the class, how to create solid builds and offers fantastic leveling strategies.

nw control wizard

The Control Wizard is a ranged class that focuses on casting powerful elemental and control matching. The key to success is properly juggling the Wizard’s control effects to exploit an enemy’s weakness. The Control Wizard can obtain dozens of abilities. These are just a few that are available at earlier levels. The Control Wizard’s basic attack is Magic Missile. Press the left mouse button to fire a rapid series of bolts that inflict moderate damage to an enemy. Control Wizard’s alternate attack is Ray of Frost. Holding the right mouse button fires a continuous beam that freezes a target, setting it up for further attacks. Pressing the Shift key in a movement direction triggers Teleport, a defensive maneuver that allows the Control Wizard to evade incoming attacks, or simply travel more quickly.

Chills Strike, is the first Encounter ability that the Control Wizard receives. The Wizard hurls a conjured icicle at a target, fielding significant damage, and stunning the target momentarily. Ice Storm is the first daily power that the Control Wizard can obtain. This Area of Effect spell causes enormous spikes of ice to erupt from the ground, lifting enemies off their feet and inflict massive damage. Ice Storm is extremely effective for crowd control. The Control Wizard can use Ice Storm to clear a wide area and provide some breathing room. With dynamic spells and potent debuffs, the Control Wizard is a talented addition to any party of adventurers in Neverwinter.