Devoted Cleric

The article below is a basic summary of the Devoted Cleric. For more in-depth information, there’s a Neverwinter Guide which offers a full rundown of the class; skills, builds and leveling strategies!

neverwinter devoted cleric class

The devoted cleric is a  righteous healer committed to preventing injury and restoring health. The cleric is also capable of manipulating the battlefield with a combination of area control and holy damage. On the offense, a devoted cleric builds divine power by dealing damage to unruly enemies. Once enough divine power is gained, a cleric can channel it to enhance the effects of their powers. Here are just a few of the many powers a devoted cleric can attain. Lance of fate; the devoted cleric’s main attack. By hitting the left mouse button, the cleric hurls spheres of light at targeted enemies, dealing moderate damage. The clerics alternate ability is astral seal. Press the right mouse button to unleash a quick burst of light that encases foes and stores the team’s health when attacking those spell-bound enemies. Hitting tab will channel divinity, replacing the cleric’s left and right-click abilities with punishing light and soothing light, respectively. Punishing light creates a damaging stream of power.

Soothing light is a healing magic that restores health to the both cleric and any ally the cleric targets. One of the first encounter abilities a devoted cleric will learn is daunting light, an area of effect spell that casts down a divine column of light dealing large amounts of damage to enemies. If used with divine power, daunting light casts quicker and affects a larger area. Hollowed ground is one of the first daily powers a devoted cleric receives. The cleric sanctifies a large area which becomes an instant buff to allies, allowing them to take less damage while increasing their damage output. With divine power that lend support on both offense and defense, the devoted cleric is an invaluable member of any party fighting its way through the world of Neverwinter