UPDATE: Looking for a great guide to help you in Neverwinter? Check out the Neverwinter Handbook written by the veterans of KillerGuides. I’ve used this guide before and it’s one of the best guides available covering leveling, crafting and currency information about the game. This guide will not disappoint! 😀

Next up is Seals. There are 4 types of Seals to make this just a little bit more complicated. There is the Seal of the Lion, the Seal of the Manticore, the Seal of the Unicorn, and Seal of the Dragon. These are obtained from dungeon bosses and group bosses, as well as from events. As I mentioned earlier, you can buy Seals from the bounty hunters or with your Ardent Coins. You can use them for appropriate-level blue equipment. Let’s say you do a level 30 dungeon. Let’s say it drops the Seal of the Lion, you can turn those Lion Seals in for roughly level 30 blue equipment.

The last is Trade Bars. As far as my research told me, there is nothing that Trade Bars are used for right now, or at least there is no way to get them. There’s speculation that it’s going to be something to do with the in-game. However, I have no solid information on Trade Bars as of right now.

That’s all of them; that’s all the different types of currencies. You probably now understand why I thought a video covering the various currencies would be helpful, because quite frankly, it’s confusing. To be totally honest with you, I think there is way too many currencies in the game. It’s just overwhelming to a new player to hop into a game and you see all these different vendors, they all require different kinds of currencies to buy their items. At least you asking, “Where do I get this currency from? Now I’ve got the currency, what can I use it for?” They do a pretty good job with the spending, because as you can see, the Ardent Coins and the Celestial Coins, you can actually just buy straight from your inventory. Same goes for the Zen; you can actually see here the various things you can buy with a Zen. You don’t have to run around and find a vendor that does it. That does help a little bit, but to be honest, I think it’s just too confusing for new users. I understand what they were going for, but I think they probably should look at dropping it to Gold, Glory for the PVP, Astral Diamonds, and Zen. 4 is still a decent amount, but still flexible.

neverwinter currency

The below article covers basic information about currency which unfortunately is out of date. If you’re looking for something more advanced and in-depth about the topic, I suggest you to pick up the Neverwinter handbook provided by By far, the guide is one of the best guides I’ve come across! Check it out!

There are a lot of currencies in this game and they can be quite overwhelming or confusing to new players. First up is the one that everybody knows, gold. You have gold, silver, and copper, just like every other MMO. 100 copper = 1 silver, 100 silver = 1 gold. You know the drill. Gold is obtained from doing standard quests, killing mobs, selling items to vendors; things that you would typically
associate with gathering gold in MMOs. You use it to repair your equipment;you purchase standard items with it, like healing potion, adventuring kits, mounts, lots of other items you can buy with gold.

neverwinter gold

There is also Zen. Zen is something you might have heard of. Zen is obtained from their online store for real life money. You could also use Astral Diamonds to buy Zen from other players, and we’ll cover that in just a minute. Zen can be used to purchase a lot of items, most of its either cosmetic or convenient-type items. You can get bags, dyes, consumable items with a lot of charges. For example, there’s healing stones that will heal you, but they’ll have 200 charges. You get vanity clothing, additional character slots, things of that nature. You can also buy a character name change with Zen.

It’s important thing to note here the game developers have come out and said that you should be able to get either 100% of everything or almost everything in the game just by playing, so don’t think that you have to buy Zen at some point to get the item you want. If you play enough or if you’re willing to trade, you should be able to get any item you want without paying real money. If you’re not familiar, Neverwinter is going to be a free-to-play game. I believe you don’t even have to pay an initial price to
get access to it. I think you can just download it.

The next currency is Astral Diamonds. You gain Astral Diamonds from raising your deity from a campfire. You can also trade with other players via the Astral Diamond Exchange, where they offer Zen and you can offer Astral Diamonds or vice versa. You can use Zen to buy Astral Diamonds from other players. They’re used for buying items from other players in the auction house. In fact, there’s not an auction house where you buy items with gold. The only auction house, I’ve seen if you want to buy an item like a weapon from another player who puts it in the auction house, you use Astral Diamonds, not gold. You could also trade for Zen, as I just said and vice versa obviously. Aparting from neverwinter gold, you can also use them to buy a lot of different items in the game, such as rune stones, identify scrolls, mounts, armor and weapons, lots of different things.

Next up is glory. Glory is the PVP currency. You get it from PVPing in PVP matches. You use it for PVP items, such as health pots and special mounts that you can use when you’re running around the world. There are also bounties. When you’re killing certain creatures in certain parts of the world, some of them will rarely drop these items. You can trade these into a bounty hunter and he only offer 2 things: One of them is a chest which will give you random items, just basically armor that you can use that is in your lower range. You could also save them up to buy seals.

The next currency we’re going to talk about is Ardent Coins. You get an Ardent Coin the first time in the day that you invoke the gods. You get one of those per day. If you invoke 5 times in one day, you’re still only going to get 1 Ardent Coin. Mostly from what I’ve seen, it’s items such as XP buff potions, seals and mounts.

Next up is Celestial Coins. Celestial Coins are like Ardent Coins, in that you get 1 per day, the first time you invoke. However, Celestial Coins will disappear if you don’t continue to get them. For example, I just got my first Celestial Coin today. If I don’t invoke again within the next 24 hours, I believe it’s 24 hours from my reading, I think it’s 24 hours, you lose your coin. I don’t know if it goes backwards.

This is a basic overview of Neverwinter mmo. For more detailed insights about the class, check out this exclusive Neverwinter guide from

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Neverwinter is the latest MMORPG from Cryptic Studious. Unlike titles like FFXIV or Everquest Next, the game offers an action combat style, the game immerses players in a world filled with challenging dungeons, epic quests, and strategy-based battles. All elements from maps to monsters are impressively detailed to give you a fluid and dynamic gaming experience.Returning from the slightly disappointing Neverwinter Nights, the all-new Neverwinter offers a twist as its publisher makes the saga in a free-to-play version. Previous features including the strategic combat style and interactions with players and NPCs remain unchanged. There are some new game features to expect and this Neverwinter guide will be discussing each.Special game features include Neverwinter Reborn where players will explore and defend one of the most important cities in the Dungeons and Dragons franchise as it emerges from the remains of destruction. The MMORPG is set in an immersive game environment that takes you behind the besieged walls of the city and its underground passageways in search of buried secrets and coveted treasures.The combat style is technically smooth, entertaining to use, and doesn’t actually get wild in any other way than also being a combat system. Combat animations are amazing as well. Cryptic Studios have packed tons of detail into a relatively low amount of frames, which can turn out to be ugly.In terms of the character classes available, Neverwinter will be featuring a decent amount of options players can choose from. Many factions have already been shown during interviews, the most notable of which is the skeleton class, the undead of Neverwinter. They are led by the lich, Valindra, and a dracolich, which based on the name may be the male leader of the group. Other possible classes you can pick include the Trickster Rogue, Devoted Cleric, and Control Wizard.

The control interface of the game are also heavily based on the classic Dungeons and Dragons. Left and right mouse toggles are connected to your “at will” abilities. Similar to Dungeons and Dragon,s these are your basic attacks and make up the base of your avatar’s skill set. Auto-attack feature is unnecessary in Neverwinter. Cryptic Studios have decided to eliminate this feature for a better feel during combats and quests.

Extra skills come in the form of Utility, Encounter, and Daily powers. Similar with Dungeons and Dragons, Encounter is much stronger than the other two abilities. However, all three have their individual cooldowns. But unlike its predecessor, these abilities do not actually function on a daily time basis, but are earned through class-specific activities.